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Puppy Reservations

We first want to get to know the families our puppies will be going home to and about the home you will be providing them. Therefore we ask for you to contact us directly. 



Phone: 720-272-6747

Once we are certain one of our Berner puppies is a good fit for your family and your lifestyle, then we can move forward in the process of securing your place on our waitlist. To be placed on our Master Waitlist, we require our signed contract returned and a $500 deposit towards the purchase of your puppy. Deposits can be made by Cash, Zelle, Venmo or Check. Deposits are non-refundable however if for any reason you are unable to take your puppy as planned, you will stay on our Master Waitlist until the timing is right for you from any future litter. 

We take reservations on a first come, first serve basis. Reservations are active once both the signed contract is returned and a deposit is received and confirmed by Twisted Oaks Berners. 

We do allow for you to make your reservation on a specific gender.

Twisted Oaks Berners, as the breeder, reserves the right to 'hold back' a puppy from any of our litters. 

The first two weeks of the puppies lives is considered the neonate period. We spend all of our time and energy caring for mom and the puppies. We may post a 'Welcome to the World' on Instagram or FaceBook of our new fur-babies but have very little communication with our new puppy parents. At week three is when the adorable pictures and videos begin to circulate and we are in constant communication.

We take pictures at 3, 5 and sometimes 7 weeks of age and put them up on our website. 

At 5 weeks of age we allow scheduled visitations to meet the puppies and we here at Twisted Oaks Berners. This is also the time puppy picks begin in the order of our Master Waitlist. 

Puppy pick up day begins when the puppies are 8 weeks of age. Puppies are picked up in person or an arrangement is made to be flown by our puppy nanny service. We do 'not' ship our puppies via ground transportation or cargo.


Once you are the new parent to one of our Twisted Oaks Berners, you are forever a part of our Family. We offer support to you for the lifetime of your dog.

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