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Our Happy Berner Family


**Maximillion aka Max**
Mazzy Star X Whiskey 

Hi Jenn wanted to send a couple pics the first one is about 2 weeks ago, the 2nd is this morning- he’s growing fast and they have so much fun together!! We love him a ton!!


The Duncan's

Mazzy Star X Whiskey

Charlie is already growing!😥  lol. I was looking at her in  her kennel last night and she is almost the length of it (it is a smaller kennel) but I was like nooo!! 🤣🤣


The Sturgis'

Timola X Diesel

Hi Ike is doing great. He got a birthday present yesterday had a check up and our Vet says he is doing great Take care Tim


The Chapman's

**Espen Grace Soul Defender aka Gracie**
Timola X Whiskey
**Winston Theodore Soul Defender aka Teddy**
Mazzy Star X Whiskey

We are so excited about “greenie” (Teddy) as y'all called him.  Gracie is chillin by the day and I think they will get along just great!!  I’m ready for her to have a playmate. Last night was her first night to go all night without going outdoors to potty!  (10-6:30). Yay!!!  When you have time and Green is a lil more vocal, would you send me a video of him so I can begin playing it for Gracie before they meet?  I know you are super busy so no biggie if thats an impossible feat. I get it!  We REALLY enjoyed our Saturday with y'all!!  Thx Jenn-
Tonya Chapman




The Timboe's

Timola X Diesel

Hi Jenn! I hope you are doing well! I started a little YouTube channel for Basel! I thought you’d love to see how she’s doing! No pressure to subscribe, but if you’d like too, I’m trying to post a little fun short everyday! Blessing to you all!



YouTube @ Basel The Berner


At the vet a few months ago mid 80s, so I’d guess 90ish…I need to take her in to get her nails trimmed soon, so I’ll see! Seriously Bernese breed owners for life, the best dogs! 


The Barry's

**Enzo & Tahoe**
Timola X Diesel

Greeting from a hot & humid New England. My desk mates for the workday! 14 week old pic of the brothers! 🐶🐶Tahoe (DJ/Brown) on the left weighing 27lbs & Enzo not too far behind at 25 lbs. 


Hey. Boys are awesome. Just went to vet today. Tahoe/brown is 112 lbs and Enzo/blue is 110.




The Robinson's

**Finnick aka Finn**
Mazzy Star X Whiskey

Hey Jenn! Just wanted to give you an update on Finnick (aka Stormy). 18 weeks and 45 lbs! He's such a good boy, potty/crate/obedience training have been a breeze. He went on a 6 hour road trip with us last week and was just an angel 🤗 


Hi Jenn! Just wanted to give you an update on Finnick (aka stormy) since we are at the 24wk (6month) mark! He's just the best boy and I don't think I could be anymore obsessed with him. He goes everywhere with me. Since he joined our family he has learned so much so quickly. Next week we start group training sessions and I am hoping to get him certified as a therapy dog. Thanks again for bringing him into our lives! He has truly helped to heal my heart and fill the huge hole in our lives after losing my 15 year old lab mix last July.

The Alvarez's

**Kuper Whiskey Barrel**
Mazzy Star X Whiskey

Kuper is a great dog
And very, very smart 
Thank you
Hope you and your family had a great Christmas and New Year’s we think about you a lot 


Nora Steele & Oscar Castillo

Mazzy Star X Whiskey

Hey Jenn,

Remy is doing great. He’s going to puppy kindergarten and excels at climbing stairs, going down the playground slide and running through a kiddie tunnel.  Class is every Monday night and by the time it’s over, he’s exhausted and ready for bed.  He’s growing like a weed and now weighs 42 lbs!  My little puppy is no longer little!


Hey Jenn. We were just thinking of you. Remy is doing great.  He’s Mr.  Personality.  He’s so silly and loves to cuddle with me on the couch.  

He’s adorable!!  He always tilts his head when we talk to him. It’s so funny.  

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