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Mikes UTI Timola

"Timola" is our prized European import from Hungary. Mola-Mola as we call her is the protector of her family, property and takes her job quite serious. She has a calm and sweet disposition. Her beautiful brown eyes look into yours so intensely you can feel her loyalty and unwavering love. She is a very confident girl, is a great snuggler and would love to be a lap dog if she could (yes, she does try). She has beautiful conformation as the draft Bernese true stature and weighs 110 lbs. Timola is PennHip certified ranking in the top 90th percentile for the breed. Is OFA certified Elbow, Cardiac and CAER - normal. She is DM, SOD1B and vWD - clear. AKC registered, AKC DNA profiled and registered with BernerGarde.

AKC DNA#: V975992

BernerGarde #: 198164



Pedigree and Certifications.

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