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Stargirl's Twisted Oaks Barrel Aged

"Whiskey" aka Whiskey Biz or Whiskey G (for Gangsta') is our European Lovely. His Championship bloodlines are imports from Poland and Russia. He is the happiest, goofiest and all about having a good time loving dog I've ever known....and yet cool as a cucumber. He's all one could imagine of the perfect dog wrapped into one specimen, that's Whiskey! He loves everyone he meets and is always center of attention, not because he requires it, 'He Just Is'. He carries the perfect draft conformation of the Bernese and weighs

128 lbs. He is PennHip certified in the 90th percentile for the breed. OFA certified Elbow, Cardiac and CAER - normal. He is DM, SOD1B and vWD - clear.

AKC registered, AKC DNA profiled and also registered with BernerGarde.

AKC DNA #: V10021579 

BernerGarde #: 201849



Pedigree and Certifications.

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